Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wining and Dining

Our first day in Connecticut visiting Keegan. We visited three wineries and had a super yummy lunch and dinner.

Haight - Brown Vineyard in Litchfield, CT

This is the face of someone who has sampled 14 wines and wishes her stool had a back! The good news is they gave us chocolate with our wine!

Keegan enjoying our clam and bacon pizza, it was so delicious!

Hopkins Vineyard and Winery in Warren, CT


Sunset Meadow Vineyard in Goshen, CT

Dinner at City Steam Brewery in Hartford, CT

Daryl is so excited about his beer tasting, he's not a big fan of wine!


  1. Whoo hoo!! Looks like a blast! :)
    I LOVE LOVE the pic and caption "wish my stool had a back!" haha

  2. Love it and I'm with Nanny. I busted out laughing at the "wish my stool had a back" was awesome!

  3. I only take y'all to the best places! There was a reason I strategically picked the chair with the back..comes from being a seasoned vet of walking dizzily down the CT wine trail! :)

  4. ya'll are so funny! The other two wineries didn't even have stools, so we were on our own after that!