Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old Sturbridge Village

Day two in Connecticut Keegan took us to Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. We had tons of fun walking around and learning about life in a colonial village. They had an exhibit on guns for the boy and a yarn dying demonstration for us girls. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of those things, most of the pics are us being goofy, so enjoy!

Daryl and I in our "school days". It was love at first sight!

See Keegan, we are sisters!

Daryl joins the militia.

I don't know what you mean Daryl, this is so much better than your Shelby Cobra!

D being eaten by a plastic sheep....

Being short has it's advantages

D milking a plastic cow

D eating plastic cheese

And while Daryl was playing with all his plastic friends, Keegan and I went to school to learn our reading and 'rithmatic


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  2. I love the pics you put your face in! Those are awesome!! D sure was being funny that day...getting eaten by a goat, and milking a plastic cow! :)

  3. Me too! I wish they had more of them, those were the only three though.